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    German Law Firm

    German Law Firm

    Updated on Friday 23rd April 2021

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    Our German Law Firm's orientation to a variety of clients has determined our lawyers to focus on providing quality legal services tailored to multiple situations encountered by our customers.
    Our lawyers in Germany provide clients not only with legal services in the relations with third parties, public authorities and before any Court, but also a continuous update on legislative changes in order to coordinate your business, stay informed in optimum time about the most recent legislative news and changes. Confidentiality and discretion represent key-elements for our performance, followed by special respect in the relations with our clients in Germany. 
    Do you need the assistance of a lawyer in Germany? Our services are tailored to the needs of local and international companies that are looking for legal services in all of the main German cities.
    Some of our featured services include the following:
    • Dispute resolution: our core service is dispute resolution through court litigation or alternative methods such as arbitration or mediation.
    • Corporate: we help investors open companies in Germany, whether the incorporation involves setting up a locally registered company or expanding an already existing business.
    • Banking and finance: tailored legal services for banks, insurance companies, and businesses involved in the financial sector, with a focus on banking laws and financial regulations.
    • Tax: complete legal assistance in taxation matters; legal counseling on the Income Tax Act, the Corporate Tax Act, and other laws.
    • Competition and antitrust: we assist clients looking to resolve issues related to the Competition Law as well as merger and control.
    • Intellectual property: helping clients understand the principles of intellectual property protection and providing assistance in case of copyright infringement. 
    • Employment: legal counseling on the duties and responsibilities of the employer in Germany and the rights of the employees as per the German law.
    We offer solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Our team has a vast knowledge of the legal and regulatory regime and can provide adequate insight into the manner in certain business and commercial disputes can be handled.
    Our team of lawyers in Germany serves clients from a wide array of business sectors, among which financial services, real estate, retail and consumer, transport, import and export, technology, media, and communications. Companies in each of these business fields are subject to the German company law, as well as other laws, which are specific to the business field in question. Our team provides services that take into account the combined legal requirements, according to the type of company and the sector in which it operates. 

    Our affiliations 

    Liesegang & Partner is a law firm that is a part of a number of associations, as listed below:
    INTA.jpg    ECTA.png    Bridgewest.png
    INTA – The International Trademark Association, which works on a global level for the support of trademarks and related intellectual property. 
    ECTA – The European Communities Trademark Association, having 40 years of experience in promoting knowledge and professionalism in the Intellectual Property Law community. 
    Bridgewest – an international network of lawyers and company formation specialists.

    Legal representation in Germany

    Our civil litigation lawyers have experience in cases that focus both on national and international proceedings and can help local and foreign companies doing business in Germany. We also provide representation to individuals who are faced with various civil law or family issues.
    Our attorneys in Germany can help you with legal representation in case of commercial or business disputes or for issues concerning estate and family law and well as employment and immigration.
    Handling legal disputes in an efficient manner is essential for all of our clients. Our team of specialists includes not only litigation lawyers but also attorneys who specialize in arbitration and mediation. By expanding our dispute resolution methods, we can find the most suitable way to resolve each case. This means that our clients will receive the optimal solution, not always the one that involves court litigation. 
    If you are looking for a lawyer in Germany you should know that we serve our clients, both corporate and individual, with the highest level of proficiency and with dedication.

    Legal assistance for opening a company in Germany

    Our law firm’s competence in Germany is also represented by legal advice and representation for clients in Germany for setting up a company. We also offer special attention to the transformations encountered in your company during its existence and also to the major changes in the structure and activity of your company.
    In Germany the incorporation of a legal entity consists of several steps and, when working with our law firm, the procedure should last approximately two weeks. We will guide and assist you in checking the name of company at the local chamber of industry and commerce, when notarizing the articles of association and memorandum of association, for opening a bank account and then registering the files the articles of association with the local commercial register and sending a notification to the local office of business and standards. Once the company is established, we will help you register it with the professional association of the relevant trade, as well as register at the local labor office, registering the employees for health and social insurance and finally sending the relevant documentation to the Tax Office.
    An important decision when opening a company in Germany is selecting the type of business entity. Our lawyer in Germany is here to help you make that choice, based on the available capital, the size of the future business and the business sector in which you wish to enter. The list below highlights the characteristics of five of the most popular types of companies in Germany:
    • The limited liability company: the GmbH is suitable for small or medium businesses and has a capital of 25,000 EUR. A mini-GmbH can also be incorporated and for this business for,m the capital will be 1 EUR.
    • The joint-stock company: this is suitable to large companies and has a minimum share capital of 50,000 EUR.
    • The partnership: the general commercial partnership and the limited commercial partnership are business forms that offer general and/or limited liability to the partners.
    • The branch: this is an extension of a parent company and it can be either a dependent or an independent one.
    • The sole trader: the simplest business form and the one with the highest degree of liability, suited for one-man businesses.
    By working with our law firm in Germany you will benefit from expert assistance and representation in different proceedings such as company mergers. Our legal services in Germany target a comprehensive approach and diligence, aiming to solve any fiscal issue involved in the merger or division procedures.

    Assistance for closing a company in Germany

    Closing a company in Germany requires your special attention to all the rules provided by the German legal framework. In order to pass through the entire procedure without bothering about bureaucracy, documentation and other relations with the public authorities, our law firm in Germany will prove professionalism and deep knowledge in this field to assists you in each phase of the procedure.
    You may close your company in Germany either voluntary, a procedure initiated by the members of the company during a general meeting, either compulsory, as decided by a competent court.
    No matter the situation, our lawyer in Germany will find the best solution for you and for your company in order to close your business with minimum damages.

    Legal services related to regulation

    Our lawyers can help businesses with commercial as well as regulatory issues. We advise on legal compliance, business regulations, and due diligence when needed. Our team can help businesses in their interactions with regulators in the country and we support our clients so that they can meet their obligations and at the same time protect their company interests.
    We provide legal counsel for data protection and privacy regulations, health and safety regulations, competition regulation, financial and environmental regulations. We also offer services related to product regulation and consumer protection. As needed, we also offer legal representation in cases that may involve product liability claims.

    Legal assistance for taxation issues in Germany  

    All companies registered in Germany must follow the laws that regulate the tax compliance. In this sense, work with our law firm in Germany to assure that you will not encounter any problems regarding your company’s tax compliance and other financial issues. We cooperate with the most capable accountants who can guide you in the payment procedure, by offering customized advice and representation before the competent authorities. VAT, payroll, personal and corporate taxes are fields where we are able to provide consultancy services in Germany. We invite you to try our tax calculator and find out the taxes your company in Germany must pay.
    A foreign entrepreneur must also be aware of the Double Tax Treaties signed by Germany with other countries. Ask our German attorneys to find out whether you are eligible to take advantage of these agreements in order to avoid paying certain taxes. They will do all the work for you in order to relieve you from spending extra amounts of money for the taxes payments in Germany.

    Legal aid for collecting debt in Germany

    By working with our law firm in Germany all the procedures related to debt collection will end in a satisfactory manner. We will assist you in all the phases, from the amicable settlement to full representation before the Court, recover the debts by using our services and we will take care of documentation, lawsuit and post trial actions in Germany.
    If you need a lawyer in Germany, you can rely on our law firm. We provide all of these services and others to companies in all business fields. Germany is a country where investors find multiple business opportunities, this is why our team includes specialists who are accustomed to the legal background for the financial services industry, the energy and utility sector, the real estate and infrastructure sector, the retail and consumer industry or the healthcare and life sciences sector as well as many more. Regardless of the business sector, our team strives to provide the commercial objectives of the company as well as solve any legal issues that may arise by keeping in mind the development of the company. 
    Germany is an attractive investment destination and many companies that enter the market require legal aid. It is estimated that approximately 70,000 foreign companies are doing business here. The value of FDI reached 13.6 billion USD in April 2019. An economic overview also contains the following data:
    • the largest share of FDI per sector (2010-2016) was in ICT & Software, at 20%, followed by Business and Financial Services, at 15%.
    • by business activity, 43% of the FDI projects in Germany between 2010-2016 were in sales, marketing and support and 16% in business services, with another 15% in manufacturing and R&D.
    Local and foreign investors can rely on our lawyer’s expertise and professionalism to solve any business-related issues while there are conducting their activities in the country.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.       What are the steps of business litigation cases in Germany?
    Business litigation in Germany falls under the regulations of the Civil Law and are tried by Civil Courts. A simpler way to handle business litigation is arbitration which is also less time and money consuming.
    2.       What are the most important legal aspects I should know about company formation in Germany?
    Opening a company in Germany is simple. You must select the most appropriate type of company, reserve a business name and submit the incorporation documents with the Trade Register. Our German lawyers can draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association for your company.
    3.       What are the basic legal requirements for foreign investors wanting to invest in Germany?
    If you want to set up a limited liability company you must deposit 25,000 euros in a bank account, while for joint stock companies the minimum share capital required is 50,000 euros.
    4.       Will I need special permits or licenses for my new company in Germany?
    Special licenses and permits are required for those opening certain types of businesses, such as financial companies, restaurants, tobacco shops. For details about all special licensing requirements you can ask our German law firm.
    5.       What is the procedure of debt collection in Germany?
    Debt collection consist in an amicable or a legal procedure. While the first option is desirable because it involves no costs, the second one is also often employed.
    6.       Do you need a visa to enter Germany? How can I obtain it?
    Foreign citizens of non-EU countries are required to apply for one of the available types of visas when coming to Germany. Our German attorneys can explain the visa application procedure.
    7.       What are the steps I must follow in order to obtain citizenship in Germany?
    You must be legally residing in Germany for 8 years in order to apply for citizenship.
    8.       What are the requirements regarding employment in Germany?
    Foreign citizen are required to apply for a German work or residence permit before coming to the country. For details about obtaining a work or a residence permit and the employment legislation you can ask our lawyers in Germany.
    9.       Are there any special requirements for marriage and/or divorce in Germany?
    Marriage registration in Germany can be registered only after living in the city you want to get married for at least 21 days. You only need to submit a request with the local registration office to obtain a marriage certificate. Divorce must be petitioned by one of the spouses who will be represented by a German attorney. Divorce hearings are handled by the Family Court.
    10.   How are individuals and companies taxed in Germany?
    The German taxation system applies at federal, state and local level. Individuals must pay an income tax which is applied progressively, while companies are subject to the 15% tax rate plus the 5.5% solidarity surcharge.
    If you need a lawyer in Germany contact our law firm for a complete list of our services and reach out to us if you have any questions about legal issues in the country.


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